Are you feeling tired and stressed?

Are you tired and stressed?

Do you suffer from hormonal issues?


Blossom Cosmetic Laser Clinic have recently moved to a  larger, more modern clinic on Balloo Avenue. This enabled the Clinic to realise its vision of combining its non invasive cosmetic treatments which benefit the outside; with a series of Naturopathic treatments to benefit the inside. Blossom is the first cosmetic clinic in Ireland to recognise the importance of combining the inner you with the outer you.


The nurses at Blossom are determined to ensure each client gets the best result possible from their treatments.


This desire to deliver prompted the first foray into understanding PCOS and how Naturopathic Therapies and lifestyle choices can help.

In simple terms the Laser treats the visible unwanted hair growth on the outside. The Naturopathic remedies help the underlying causes on the inside.


This concept was then expanded to clients who wanted to enhance their physical appearance on the outside with facial injections. A range of IV drips and Platelet Rich Plasma treatments were developed to help improve the inner glow to; to enhance the external results.


Laura McNally, Nursing Manager at Blossom, heads up a very experienced team of 5 nurses.

“Im passionate about women’s issues. I’ve specialised in Endocrinology and Aesthetics . I personally suffer from PCOS and Adrenal Fatigue. Currently I’m trialling a new supplement, MYO Inistol, to help me help my clients.”


Whether it’s Laser Hair Removal, where the nurses provide advice and understanding on PCOS or the underlying causes of unwanted hair growth; or facial injections, where the nurses provide a range of Intravenous vitamins and supplements, or PRP injections, to create an inner glow to naturally complement the outer effect; at Blossom you have a team of nurses clinically focussed on you and your treatments.


“We want to build long lasting and meaningful relationships with our clients. They invest in us and we invest in them. It’s a journey we’re on together “


To arrange a consultation please phone 91 477073.